As you all know~

Sadie is in Americaaaa!

Let's see what Tsu's been up tooo~

[6/29 16:17]これから国際線へ乗り換えです
After this, it's the international transfer
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[6/29 17:23]
well now, I'm off to America! I'll come back safely!
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[6/30 06:50]
Hotel check-in! ! In Americaaa. pc update*
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[6/30 07:00] ディズニーめっちゃちかいよん!!
Disneyland is so close!!
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1* - I don't know why that pc update thingo is there. Tsu is doing a pc update? xD

and I don't know how long they're in America for~ Maybe a week? week and a half? XD They have lives at the venue 3rd or the 5th of July~ can't remember Dx I wonder how they're handling the jet lag~ :'3

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Translations from a CURE MAGAZINE~

I'm only going to show the Tsurugi parts. Because. it's quite long Dx

[S] Sciamachy (fighting an imaginary ennemy)

Tsurugi : I my case, the ennemy is myself. The ideal I create for myself, both for my appearance and the inside, I want to present as perfect, or maybe extremely strong. If I can conquer that ideal of a perfect image, then perhaps the “me” that exists now can become that imaginary me… I always carry that feeling with me.

- To aim for that ideal image, don’t you have to overcome some huge hurdles ?

Tsurugi : I hate to lose, so I don’t even want to lose to my imaginary self. In other words, defeating the perfect image of myself that I’ve created means that I have 100% control over myself. That’s how I aim for my goal of keeping control over my ideal.

[A] Actuality

Tsurugi :  To compare it to a game, Sadie’s existence has not been strong from the start. In order to attain what we want, we let our experiences pile up and each one gives us a weapon to help us get to the next level. I think this involves looking ahead to what reality will bring on. From that we are able to find our motivation for living. For example, imagining that you are able to fly is easy. However realistically, most people will think, “I can’t fly.” But then there are a few people who look at reality and think, “I can absolutely find a way to fly.” People will normally think that there is no way steel can fly through the sky or float in the ocean. the power to make that possible exists inside people’s head.

- The power of imagination can even change the reality.

Tsurugi : That’s right. That’s why in my mind I don’t create any limits for myself. Everyone can be free to imagine anything they like. But in these thoughts, it’s not just about the imagination, but it can connect to reality as well. As a part of Sadie, I don’t hold any limits for myself  when I play guitar and write songs, and that’s how Sadie has arrived at where we are now. So I don’t want to put any limitations on my power of imagination. I think our dreams become reality.

[D] Dilemma

Tsurugi : Daily life brings its share of frustrations. I feel it bot in my personal life and as a member of Sadie. But they’re trials I put on myself I think. One thing I want to say is that if I compare myself to someone else, I don’t look very good. Awarding merits to myself in comparison to another person is really awful. Isn’t it enough if I can overcome challenges on my own ? The dilemma of comparing myself to others is my greatest enemy.

[I] Ideals

Tsurugi : Ideals… There is no limit to the dreams I have. My ideal is to create circumstances where I can do things at my best, in all matters. If things turn out in the end different from how I imagined them in the beginning, as long as the it let’s me be cooler than before the result is OK.


[E] Egoist

Tsurugi : All five of us feel we don’t want to lose and we don’t want to be false. From another person’s point of view, they might wonder, “How do you want to do that ?” and it’s important to them. Since we choose the realm of music to express ourselves in life, I push ahead not wanting to lose that. Even if it’s selfish, I want to express myself by going ahead consistently.

Tsu said quite a lot huh?  Even though he doesn't talk much in videos. WHY TSU, WHY? We want to hear your amazing voice~

I just had to put this bit in, even though it's not Tsu-related

Kei : I want to go to Australia and hug a koala. I’ve been interested in Australia and koala bears since i was small. Every time I see Australia on TV, I think, “I ought to live in this place” (laughs). Can you keep koalas in Japan ?!

OMG AUSTRALIA THATS MY COUNTRY! No Kei I'm sorry, but it's illegal to own a koala D':,